Felinaeus Lapinnoir (felinaeus) wrote in monfur,
Felinaeus Lapinnoir

What The Fur May News

What The Fur
June 3-5 2011

So it’s just under a month until What The Fur lands, once again, on Montreal. Just under a month before one of the best furry events takes place, and just under a month until the fun begins.
Hold onto your tails, folks, the hordes are coming!
In this edition:
1)      Dealers Den is nearly sold out!
2)      Pre-registration deadline is almost here!
3)      DJs! We want your music!
4)      Last call for con-book contents
5)      Coming in early? We have stuff for you to do!
6)      The zombie are coming! Grab your guns! (but follow the rules)

Click here for the full news!

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